Bushmen of Botswana

Bushmen of Botswana

The plight of the Bushmen

Plight: it means a difficult or dangerous situation, a predicament that's especially sad or desperate.

Thousands of Bushmen have been forced off their ancestral lands, where they have hunted for thousands of years. Many have been moved into ‘resettlement’ camps by the government.

The SOS Village in Botswana is home to four Bush children. They came to the village from desert communities where their forefathers roamed the land freely for centuries, moving from one place to the next in search of food.

Children without parents

The children who arrived at the SOS Village from the ‘Bush’ have no parents and therefore the local authority placed them in the care of SOS Children.

A whole new way of life is now in front of them. They will go to school, learn to speak English and take part in a developing and modern Botswana.

Bikkie and Gaone talk to us about their former way of life and how people from their desert communities are being treated.

Uncertain future

The future of the Bushmen is uncertain. There are those who continue to live their traditional nomadic lives, moving across their ancestral lands.

But many now reside in ‘resettlement’ camps, where they are dependent handouts.

Watch the video to see why the government in Botswana believes life will be better for the Bushmen in these communities.