Children's stories

Videos on this website have been made with the help of youngsters living in and around SOS Children’s Villages, to create this evolving ‘Our Africa’ educational resource.

Children learning to use the camera

On this page, we present short films the children have produced by themselves. The children choose their own subjects, which reveal something of their lives, opinions and ideas. This is Africa through their eyes.

SOS Children has been working in Botswana since 1986. There are currently three Children’s Villages in Botswana.

Here are two of the films produced by the SOS children of Tlokweng.

Riri’s Life

Riri is the main character. After her mother and father passed away, she was left alone with no one to look after her. The story shows how Riri was found and taken to an SOS Village. Here, she makes friends and is popular at school, so Riri's no longer on her own.

Riri's story

Rude boy

'Rude boy' tells the tale of a boy who doesn’t do his fair share of chores. All he wants to do is be with his friends and play football. His mother is fed up with his attitude and wants him to appreciate what he has. He soon realises the error of his ways and promises to improve his behaviour.

The rude boy