Sounds and instruments of Botswana

Andrew Phakathi is a music teacher in Botswana. He's loved music from a young age and studied it at college.

Most of us young men tend to think that culture is not important but personally I'm keeping culture alive, and I urge all our youths to keep our culture

Although Andrew enjoys modern popular music, his passion lies with the traditional sounds and instruments of Botswana, the music of his forefathers.

Keeping tradition alive

Andrew believes it's very important to preserve age-old traditions. He believes young people need to understand where they come from, to preserve their culture, be proud of it and pass it on.

The children in the video are learning the marimba, an instrument which has been around for centuries in Botswana. Listen to the amazing sound made by the children as they play the marimbas together.

The marimba is believed to originate from Zambia. Hear what a dedicated professional in Zambia has to say about music, in Our music teacher.

You can tell the children enjoy their playing, because they want to practice the marimba after school. As any instrument player knows, practice is the only way to improve!