Standards of living

Standards of living

Rich and Poor

As in many countries, there are widely different standards of living in Botswana between the rich and poor. You can see some really grand houses in the video.

Kumisso goes to meet ‘Granny’ (it’s the name she’s been given), one of Botswana's poor. He asks her about her life. Granny has five children, although she does not see four of them. Since they do not help her, she must support herself and her disabled daughter.

Granny has been taught a skill by SOS Children. Granny brews and sells traditional beer to the community. From the money she earns with her new skill, she has built a loving home.

When filming Granny and her daughter, Kumisso remarks - “but she seems so happy.” Like many Africans, Granny proves you don't have to be wealthy to be happy, as long as you have enough to live on.