Human map

Human map

The ten provinces

Cameroon is divided into ten provinces. The youngsters from the SOS village talk about each of the regions, standing in a map which they’ve made on the ground.

The SOS youngsters live in the Centre region, near to the capital Yaoundé. But they know the kind of traditional clothes worn by locals in each area and what foods are grown.

The northern regions have a hot, dry climate, so the main crops here are different to the wetter south. Certain foods can also be found in the highland regions of the west and along the coast. Take a look at the video and see how the typical foods of Cameroon vary across the different regions.

The ten regions of Cameroon (listed from north to south) are:

  • Extreme North
  • North
  • Adamawa
  • Northwest
  • West
  • Southwest
  • Centre
  • Littoral
  • East
  • South