A proud nation

A proud nation

'Political capital of Africa'

Addisu and Habtam start filming in front of a large billboard to talk about Ethiopia’s heritage.

The billboard shows how Ethiopia is a multicultural country. The 83 million people living in Ethiopia comprise many different ethic groups and there are over 70 different languages spoken. The billboard most importantly shows that regardless of your ethnic roots, everyone is Ethiopian and all groups are respected and regarded – Addisu and Habtam are particularly proud of this.

Ethiopia’s capital city, Addis Ababa, is also the home to the Africa Union and is consequently referred to as 'the political capital of Africa'.

As Addisu and Habtam talk about what the colours of their country’s flag represent, their pride shines through. Ethiopia is a country of fertile land, of hope for the future and of heroes and freedom. But above all, it is a multicultural and peaceful country.