Children's stories

Videos in this website have been put together by children living in and around SOS Children’s Villages. They’ve captured their thoughts, opinions and ideas to present a new perspective on Africa through their own eyes. The result is this evolving ‘Our Africa’ educational resource.

SOS Children has been working in Ethiopia since 1975 as a result of theFilming in Ethiopia1974 famine and the government's appeal for international aid. There are six villages dotted across the country. Find out more about SOS Children in Ethiopia.

Apart from making videos for this resource, each group of young people has made its own short film (sometimes more than one) on subjects that matter to them. This is what the children came up with:

Team A - 'Mama Ethiopia'

This film, created by Team A, identifies common problems in life, such as quarrels and how to solve them. They also look at some of the traditional Ethiopian festivals.

Mama Ethiopia

Team B - 'SOS saved me'

Team B have created a film about what life was like for one girl before she came to live at the SOS Children’s Village and what her life is like now.

SOS saved me