Ethiopian coffee

Ethiopian coffee

Addisu’s initial reluctance at visiting a coffee producer soon vanishes. His beaming smile and cheeky rapport with Habtam set the scene for their report on coffee in Ethiopia. Just don’t ask him to drink any.

Coffee ceremony

Coffee ceremonyIn this video… Coffee is not just drunk in Ethiopia. A ceremony often takes place beforehand as an integral part of Ethiopian culture. To be invited for coffee in Ethiopia is a mark of friendship. Watch the traditional coffee ceremony carried out at the SOS Children’s Village in Addis Ababa.

Ethiopia is known for its coffee exports. Coffee originates from the Kaffir region in Ethiopia, where it got its name. Ethiopian coffee is often referred to as the best in the world. If you take a visit to Ethiopia you will be spoilt for choice for a coffee shop. It’s not just drunk by adults either; children as young as seven appreciate a cup of Ethiopia’s finest coffee.

‘I can’t see the point in drinking coffee,’ says Addisu.

Addisu and Habtam enjoy reporting on different topics about their country. They laugh at each other as they talk about the un-roasted coffee beans and Addisu’s disdain towards the drink. Addisu knows for many people coffee is a stimulant but he says it just depresses him. He can’t see the point in drinking coffee.

In the machine room, Addisu and Habtam talk to the owner who shows how the coffee beans are roasted.