Children's stories

Videos in this website have been put together by children living in and around SOS Children’s Villages. They’ve captured their thoughts, opinions and ideas to present a new perspective on Africa through their own eyes. The result is this evolving ‘Our Africa’ educational resource.A child with a video camera

SOS Children has been working in Ghana since 1971 when it opened its first Village in Tema.  There are now a further three villages across the country, the most recent opened in 2010.

Apart from making videos for this resource, each group of young people made their own short films. Here is what the children came up with:

Team A – The fruits of honesty

Team A created a film about a young boy named Peter who is faced with a moral dilemma.

Mistreated by his aunty, Peter leaves home and has to live on the streets. Then one day he finds a purse full of money. Find out if Peter does the right thing and where he ends up.

The Fruits of Honesty

Team B – The Migration

The children tell the tale of Ghana’s history, explaining how people from the different regions were all brought together, by the ruler, to attend a festival. The festival represents the peaceful nature of the country.

The Migration