Drumming & dancing

Drumming & dancing

Drumming and dancing – part of the people

Audrey, like most Ghanaians, is a very able dancer. As in many countries, dancing is very popular.

Aunty Florence explains about some of the drums being used in traditional dances and their origin.

You can see from the video the rhythmic sounds the drums make and how the men performing play with pride, enthusiasm and a seemingly effortless talent.

An important legacy

Students are taught about their heritage from an early age. They have learnt the dances and music of their ancestors, so they can pass them on down the generations.

Aunty Florence explains that every dance has a meaning or purpose, such as to celebrate something special or bring about good fortune.

Aunty Florence even gives performing a go, showing that she not only knows the history of dances, but also the moves.

Drumming and dancing form an important part of traditional festivals and often involve audience participation.