Education at college

Education at college

The next generation of leaders

There are many fine schools and colleges in Ghana, one of Africa’s most advanced countries for academia.

Education is often said to be the gateway to a better future – many young Ghanaians see it that way.

Something to work for

Audrey visits the SOS Hermann Gmeiner College, a place she dreams of attending some day. It is one of the finest schools in Africa; students have to be in the top 5% of achievers to come here.

Visiting the school and interviewing the other pupils, Audrey listens to their passions, inspirations and stories, learning how they arrived at the college. This further fuels her ambition to attend the college.

Many of the pupils comment on the high quality of education in Ghana and talk about their hopes for the future. Audrey is proud to live in Ghana, where education is so highly respected and valued.


Africans from all over the continent travel to be educated in Ghana. At the Hermann Gmeiner College there is a mix of students, all learning together and striving towards understanding, knowledge and acceptance of each other.

Students are also encouraged to believe they are the continent's future leaders.