The community

The community

Unfair dismissal

If farming is all you know, imagine if the land underneath you is taken and sold without your knowledge, and you can no longer farm.

For many living in village communities in Ghana, that is their reality.  Community chiefs are selling the land to rich city dwellers and leaving people isolated and with no way of earning a living.

A lifeline

Eleven families living in one community are given a lifeline, by being taught a new skill they can use to earn a living.

They are offered support by SOS Children’s family strengthening programme, which is working in a community of three thousand people. Just through helping eleven families, 42 vulnerable children now have the chance to lead a better life. And there are hundreds more being helped.

Baking a living

One example of a skill that is being taught to women who once farmed is baking.

Change is never easy.  For many it takes time to adjust to a new way of doing things, a new skill – a new way of life.