A sense of pride

Despite western influence, many people in Ghana continue to dress in traditional styles. Clothes are often made of hand-dyed material.

Patterns tend to be bold and colourful. Just take a look at the clothes displayed in Winfred’s shop in the video.

For tie-dying, symbols and shapes are cut into foam and printed onto fabric, just as Winfred is doing. Other cloths are tied into knots and dipped into dye, then hung up and left to dry.


Many of the designs and symbols come from the Ashanti region in Ghana. The Ashanti tribe is a major ethnic group in Ghana with a population of about one million.

The Ashanti religion includes a belief in spirits and supernatural powers, such as the ‘Nyame’ or Supreme Being. Plants, animals and trees are also thought to have souls.

Symbols representing superantural elements are often used on clothing. Each symbol has a meaning and purpose. For example, the crocodile is a symbol of adaptability.

Winfred also uses his imagination to come up with unique designs.