Welcome to Ghana

Welcome to Ghana

Rich in culture

Welcome to Ghana.  My name is Audrey. Ghana is a beautiful place to live. It's famous for its rich culture and friendly people.

Life in Ghana is peaceful. The people are caring, loving and above all hospitable.

It is my dream to go to the Hermann Gmeiner College. I will have to work very hard as it's one of the finest schools in Africa.

Audrey is a studious girl. She wants to go to college and receive a good education. This is the way to get a decent job and independence. Audrey visits her dream college in one of the videos. She also introduces us to elements of Ghana’s unique culture, as well as showing us some interesting places around Tema in the south.

Discover Ghana

Tourists are drawn to Ghana by a number of National Parks such as Digya, Kakum and Mole.

The country’s many festivals attract sightseers. These celebrations display the colourful local Ghanaian culture, with its traditional dress, customs, music and dance.

Ghana is growing in importance as a tourist destination in Africa. According to the Ghana Tourist Board, over 160,000 visitors came to the country in 2009.

Ghana has 16 nature protection areas covering approximately 5% of the country. The forest zone is of particular interest for the diversity of wildlife, though only around a tenth of Ghana’s virgin tropical forest remains intact because of logging and clearance for farmland.

Malaria is still a huge threat. Ghana has a wet, tropical climate, which is ideal for the mosquitoes which carry malaria. It is the number one killer disease. In 2009, nearly 2 million cases of malaria were recorded.

HIV/AIDS infections are low in Ghana compared to other parts of Africa, with an estimated 260,000 people living with the disease. This represents about 2% of the population.