Children's stories

Videos in this website have been put together by children living in and around SOS Children’s Villages. They’ve captured their thoughts, opinions and ideas to present Africa through their eyes. The result is this evolving ‘Our Africa’ educational resource.

SOS Children has been working in Ivory Coast since 1969. There are currently two Children’s Villages in Ivory Coast.

Apart from making videos for this resource, the young people have made a short film (sometimes more than one) on subjects that matter to them. This is what the children came up with:

Team A - La Folle (The Madwoman)

What would you do if you saw a madwoman begging in the street?
The team act out the reactions of some passers-by…

La Folle (The Madwoman)

Team B - Méchante et Riche (Nasty and Rich)

This is the story of a rich and nasty woman, Marie, who treats her sister Honorine very badly. Marie learns that money can come and go, and doesn't count for everything...

Mechante et Rich (Nasty and Rich)