Travelling beans

Beans from cocoa plants are flown all over the world for the global chocolate industry.

Adeline has come to find out more about cocoa. After all, her country is the largest producer of cocoa beans in the world!

Good for the heart

Adeline interviews Amari, an agro-economist engineer for the Federation of Cocoa Commerce. He is in charge of the management plan for cocoa and coffee in Ivory Coast. Amari explains that the raw cocoa bean is good for the heart.

Over a quarter of Ivorians (around six million people) are involved in growing cocoa beans, which are extremely important to the country and its people. Training sessions are given to help workers increase their harvests.

Plantation owner

Plantation Owner

Plantation owner

Could the man in the video really be the plantation owner of one of the largest cocoa plantations in Ivory Coast? He doesn’t look wealthy.

That's because he is not. Seated in modest surroundings, Adeline interviews him in his home and finds out more about his life and what it is to be a plantation owner.

Plantation owners are not wealthy people. The cocoa industry suffers from under-investment and the trees are threatened by diseases. Farmers are unable to afford the regular spraying which would protect their cocoa crops.

High taxes are imposed on farmers, who do not receive much of the profit. While the owner has enough money to feed his children, he tells Adeline there is nothing to spare.

Working on a cocoa farm is not what he would want for his children. He followed his father’s footsteps and now owns this farm, but he wants more for his own children.