Wonderful fruits

With so many different trees in this area, it's easy to get confused. The large tree at the start of the video isn't a baobab. It's more likely a kapok tree.

When the trees grow fruits, then it's a little easier to name them. Many kinds of fruit trees grow in Ivory Coast, including avocado, mango and coconut trees.

But Adeline’s all-time favourite is the pineapple! Yellow-fleshed pineapples from plantations are a popular export from the Ivory Coast to supermarkets worldwide. However, the locals prefer to eat wild pineapple ('ananas sauvage') when they can.

The wild pineapple has white flesh and the whole fruit is long, dark-coloured and tapered. The leaves on the top also have a serrated edge. Wild pineapples have no trace of acidity (which locals say comes from the fertilisers added on the plantations) and are very sweet.