Welcome to Ivory Coast

Welcome to Ivory Coast

A land of many religions

Hi, my name is Adeline. I'm 17 years old.

Ivory Coast is the main producer of cocoa, which is used in confectionary all over the world. In one of the films, I visit a plantation and find out more about cocoa beans.

People in Ivory Coast worship different religions. But where I come from, it's not a problem. We say that we're all worshipping the same God.

I want to be a famous sprinter and sports journalist. Athletics is my passion and I've already won medals. But I have to train hard if I want to be the best and win gold. I'd like to make my mother proud.

Abandoned at the age of two in a market square, Adeline was taken to the SOS Children’s Village in Abobo. Now a young lady, Adeline is a budding athlete who has represented her country. She is a champion 100m, 200m and 400m runner. Adeline loves her sport and wants do well for her family, for her mother and for Ivory Coast. Find out more about the country Adeline feels passionate about.

Discover Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast supplies a third of the world’s cocoa. Its exports for the global chocolate market in 2012 were worth over 1.7 billion dollars.

Commercial agriculture employs over half the labour force in Ivory Coast; over a quarter (around 6 million Ivorians) are involved in growing cocoa beans.

A popular snack is aloko, fried banana served with onions and chillies.

In Ivory Coast there are more than 230 mammals, 700 birds, 125 reptiles, 100 fish and over 35 different types of amphibians, not to mention around 4,700 plant species.

Health professionals left the country due to civil war and Ivory Coast now has a shortage of trained medical staff.

Poverty is a major problem in Ivory Coast. Around a quarter of the country’s people live on less than 1.25 dollars a day.