Sports day

Sports day

The cross-country run

As in many schools around the world, the major test for children on sports day is the cross-country run.

Spring clean

As well as the sports activities, it’s traditional for the children in this community to help clean their school at the start of the term. The youngsters all lend a hand in getting their classrooms and school grounds ready.

Grouped by age, each set of runners start on their marks and jostle for position until the race begins. It doesn’t take long for the leader of one race to split off from the rest of the pack.

Athletics is popular in schools and across the country. Malagasy athletes often compete in track and field events at the Olympics. So far, the country has yet to win an Olympic medal since it began competing in the games in 1964.

But who knows, maybe the winners of these cross country runs will be athletic stars of the future.