Child rights

Child rights

Forced into marriage – aged 13

If you’re a young girl in Malawi, especially in rural areas, you could be forced to get married, sometimes to a man much older than you.

The government is trying to outlaw such traditional practices.

Despite these attempts, girls as young as 13 are often forced into marriage. Some parents accept money from men to take their children away. Education is the key to women's independence, says Joyce.

In this video… Caroline and Evans Phiri, aged 23, describe what happens. Evans says the practice of forced marriage is ‘rampant’ in rural areas; less so in the cities. Caroline says there was a newspaper report recently about how three girls aged 10, 11 and 12 were due to be forced into marriage, but the men involved were stopped and punished. Evans says young people need to know their human rights. And when they know their human rights, this practice will die out.