Building miniatures

Building miniatures

Famous buildings – in miniature!

Bobo visits the Bamako National Park, where many people go at the weekend to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.

At this open-air museum, Bobo is shown round the park’s collection of miniatures. These are replicas of famous buildings throughout Mali.

Mali is famous for its mud architecture, such as the Great Mosque at Djenné. The curator explains that the mosque is constructed from mud, in exactly the same way as the original. In Djenné, the mud is mixed with rice husks and this mixture is known as ‘banco’.

Traditional houses in Mali are also made of mud. Some of the most unusual examples can be found in the Dogon region. Bobo is shown a replica of the Ogon’s house, the spiritual chief of the Dogon community. This house is decorated with patterns and important symbols to the Dogon culture, such as masks and stars.

At the end of the visit though, Bobo still seems more impressed by the beautiful surroundings of the park itself. It’s a romantic setting where many young couples meet. With a shy smile, Bobo says this is where he brings his own girlfriend.