Children's stories

Videos in this website have been made with the help of children living in and around SOS Children’s Villages. They’ve captured their thoughts, opinions and ideas to present a new perspective on Africa through their own eyes. The result is this evolving ‘Our Africa’ educational resource.

Filming in MaliSOS Children has been working in Mali since 1987 when its first village was built in Sanankoroba. Since then, two more Children’s Villages have been founded in Mali. Find out more about SOS Children in Mali.

Apart from making videos for this resource, each group of young people has made its own short film (sometimes more than one) on subjects which matter to them. Each film reveals quite a lot about their lives, their life experiences and their aspirations for the future.

This is what the children came up with:

La méchanceté de la marâtre

The title of this film, made by the children, translates as 'the wickedness of the cruel stepmother’. And she really is very wicked. The children tell a Cinderella-like story but without the happy ending. Even though the young girl beaten by her cruel stepmother finds love and marries, the stepmother wants revenge and pays two men to kill the girl’s father.

La Mechancete de la Maratre