My family

My family

A wonderful mother and opportunities in life

SOS Children's Villages in Mali

SOS Children's VillagesSekou grew up in a special community for children who can no longer live with their own family.

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Sekou was brought up with his SOS brothers and sisters in the SOS Children’s Village of Sanankoroba. He’s 17 years old now, but still looks to his SOS Mother for support and encouragement. Sekou tells his mother how much he appreciates her.

Sekou asks one of the other children what a good mother is. Sanatou says a good mother is loving and brings up her children well.

Sekou is also grateful for the opportunities he’s had through SOS. With his football success, he’s proud of having played in the Festival of Hope in South Africa and helping to spread awareness about the threat of HIV/AIDS. The chance to spend time in another country also helped broaden his horizons. Sekou says the trip to South Africa changed his life.