Couscous Friday

Couscous Friday

Friday tradition

Today is couscous Friday, a tradition in Morocco. Every Friday, Fadoua and her family celebrate the end of the religious week by enjoying a big lunchtime meal cooked by her mother.

Fadoua interviews her mother as she prepares the meal.

Traditional cooking

Couscous is an extremely healthy food. It's often served with meat or vegetable stew in Morocco.

Just as Fadoua’s mother is doing, meals are often cooked in a tajine. This is the glazed earthenware dish with its distinctive conical lid, shown in the video.

According to Fadoua’s mother, Moroccans prefer to cook using traditional methods. They are extremely proud of their culinary skills.


Family is at the centre of life in Morocco. Therefore cooking a meal for the entire family is extremely important to Moroccan culture.