Red City, White City

Red City, White City

The Red City

As the video spans across the sights of Marrakesh, you'll see why it's known as the 'Red City'. The buildings and city walls are a magnificent red colour. 

Marrakesh has one of the busiest squares in Africa. In the evening, it is transformed when storytellers, acrobats, dancers and musicians come and perform. Different foods are prepared and served in hundreds of food stalls and outdoor restaurants.

Rafik is standing outside one of the largest mosques in Morocco, the Koutoubia Mosque. He has become a tourist for the day, seeing the sights and taking pictures. For Rafik, it is a little strange to be among the hustle and bustle of a city. Rafik is more familiar with the tranquility and peacefulness of the countryside, where he lives.

The White City

Gian lives in a youth house near Casablanca, the 'White City'. Unlike Rafik, she is used to visiting the city and comes often with her friends.

Casablanca is known as the 'White City' because of its beautiful white buildings and structures. In Spanish, 'casa' means house and 'blanca' means white.

Gian visits one of Casablanca’s famous tourist destinations and largest mosques, the Hassan II Mosque. This impressive building towers over the city.

Casablanca is Morocco’s economic capital and the people are very cosmopolitan, hence Gian’s relaxed and casual demeanor as she walks around town. The cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city is also reflected in the way women dress, which is much more westernised, and in the way men and women hang out together. Normally men and women would not drink tea or eat together in a café or restaurant; but in Casablanca it is quite common.