Heroes' Acre

Heroes' Acre

Honouring a nation’s heroes

Zoodes and Flora visit Heroes’ Acre outside of Windhoek, where the men who fought for an independent Namibia are commemorated.

The idea of the memorial site was suggested by Sam Nyoma, the first president of Namibia and considered to be the country’s founding father.

The youngsters find stones to Hosea Kutako and Hendrik Witbooi, both famous freedom fighters. Hendrik Witbooi fought against German occupation at the turn of the 19th century – see History & Politics. He urged other tribal leaders to resist colonial rule, saying “we are one in colour and custom and this Africa is ours”.

Zoodes and Flora take a look at the bronze statue of The Unknown Soldier, which serves to commemorate all those who gave up their lives during the struggle for liberation. The wording underneath, in Sam Nujoma’s handwriting, states “Glory to the fallen Heroes and Heroines of the motherland Namibia!”

The site also has a bronze mural illustrating the struggle for Namibia’s freedom, from the oppression under Germany’s colonial rule, to the lowering of South Africa’s flag in 1990.

Though the views from the top are spectacular, Flora is worried about encountering lizards. Zoodes is full of energy and joy – he dances at the top of the monument.