Town on the edge

Zoodes and his friend Flora travel south of Windhoek to the town of Hoachanas, in the Hardap region. This lies in central southern Namibia on the edge of the Kalahari desert.

The young people have great respect for the desert and the animals which manage to survive in this harsh environment, such as the oryx (also known as the gemsbok). These antelopes are well adapted to the extreme conditions of the desert, raising their body temperatures to avoid losing water through perspiration. See Geography & Wildlife to learn another way in which the oryx conserves water.

Zoodes and Flora also discover the large communal nest of the weaver bird. The weavers all live together in a huge nest, which shades the birds from the extreme heat of the day and insulates them from the cold at night. It’s not uncommon for other species of birds to muscle in on the sociable weavers and take advantage of their home.

See what smaller creatures Zoodes and Flora find on the outskirts of the Kalahari.