Meat market

Meat market

Meat and caterpillars!

With its dry climate, many regions of Namibia are unsuitable for growing crops and large parts of the country are given over to the raising of livestock.

It’s hardly surprising then that Namibians love meat. Zoodes and Corne go to a market where the locals shop for their food.

Another popular source of protein sold at the market is dried caterpillars, known as mopane worms. These are found on mopane trees where the large Emperor Moth lays its eggs. At a certain time of the year, hundreds, if not thousands of mopane worms crawl all over the trees in search of leaves.

Locals pick them off and squeeze out the juices, leaving the worms to dry out. As Corne explains, the dried worms can then be soaked in water and fried in oil with garlic or spices.

Corne tries samples of the cooked meat, but she doesn’t seem keen on giving the mopane worms a try.