Our Work in Africa

Many of the videos on Our Africa were created by children living in SOS Children's Villages. These are special places where children who are not able to live with their own family grow up with all the love and support they need to thrive.

There are SOS Children's Villages in 45 countries in Africa and 125 countries worldwide.

What does SOS Children do?

SOS MotherFor over 60 years, SOS Children has been helping vulnerable children, families and their communities to flourish. The global charity believes children should grow up in a caring family environment, with love, respect and security.

Our work achieves this in two main ways:

  • Firstly, we prevent children from ending up alone or abandoned by helping families in fragile circumstances to stay together.
  • Secondly, when a child can not live with their family, for example if they are orphaned or abandoned, we provide them with care and a loving family in an SOS Children's Village. There are 545 Children's Villages across the world, which are home to more than 62,000 children.
  • We also build schools and medical centres in these communities, so that children receive quality education and healthcare.

To find out more about SOS Children visit our website.

African children running

SOS Children in Africa

In 1971, we opened an SOS Children's Village in the Ivory Coast; our first Village on the African continent. Today there are 153 Children's Villages spread across Northern, Eastern, Southern, Western and Central Africa. They provide a new home to 16,000 orphaned and abandoned children. Our community projects, which support families in need, are helping over 700,000 people.

One World Media Awards 2012

“Our Africa provides a platform for children to tell their own stories in their own words. The site is compelling and engaging, opening a window into the lives of young people from Morocco to South Africa. It fundamentally challenges the cliché of the poverty-stricken African child, demonstrating that children have the same mischievousness and sense of fun the world over.”

- Judges of the New Media Category, which was awarded to Our Africa.

SOS Medical Centres in Africa often have a special focus on HIV/AIDS, and we support families affected by the disease. We also provide humanitarian aid during emergencies, such as our famine relief programme in the Sahel region, and our refugee programme in Chad. Learn more about SOS Children's work in Africa.

Why create Our Africa?

We created Our Africa to celebrate our 40th anniversary of SOS Children in Africa. We are passionate about empowering young people, and Our Africa is a platform for young Africans to tell their own story, in their own words.

Their videos reveal their vibrant personalities, and offer a special insight into the rhythm of their daily lives. Find out more about the Our Africa project.

How can you help?

We are grateful to all of our supporters for making our work in Africa possible, and you can help too. There are many ways to support our work, and anything you can do is appreciated!

For even more ways to get involved, go over to the SOS Children website.