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From exploring Our Africa, you will have had a peek into the lives of a some children growing up in African countries. While many of these young people are full of vitality, others in the continent are suffering from the consequences of poverty.

smiling boy Central African Republic

Many children across Africa have no safe home and no-one to care for them, due to poverty, famine, disease and conflict. UNICEF estimates that there are at least 34 million orphans in Africa today, with 11 million who have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

"SOS Mothers look after children until they are independent adults. The tender love and care these mums are able to provide is very moving."

- Marcia, who sponsors a child in Zimbabwe

Hope in an SOS Children's Village

SOS Children offers hope to children who have lost parental care. In an SOS Children's Village they live in a loving family home. Here, an SOS Mother cares for them, along with about 10 children. Together they live as a family.

Several of these SOS families make up a special community, called an SOS Children's Village. Every child has an individual development plan, and is supported to go to school and get healthcare.

"We would strongly recommend sponsoring a child. There is so much to be gained, by the child of course, but also by the sponsoring family."

- Shirley, who sponsors a child with SOS Children

Become a child sponsor

You can get to know one of these children, and support their childhood, by sponsoring a child with SOS Children. When you become a child sponsor, you will get regular updates and photos about the child's progress and Village life. If you like, you can choose which country you sponsor a child in.

Find out where you can sponsor a child in Africa

Do you have a birthday soon? Or are looking for a special present? Child sponsorship is a life-transforming gift to a child growing up in Africa, as well as to the sponsor. Find out why sponsoring a child with SOS Children is a special gift.

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