How your school can help

Education opens up doors for young people. With knowledge and skills, they have more opportunities in their future. However, 68 million young children globally are still denied their right to education.

Boy at school

We believe a quality education is really important, so every child growing up in an SOS Children's Village is supported from nursery through to higher education.

When there is not a school in the local area, we build an SOS School. We also provide pre-school education in SOS Nurseries, and vocational education at our Training Centres. All of these facilities are open to children living nearby, meaning that the whole community benefits. Across Africa, there are 140 SOS Nurseries, and 117 SOS Schools!

Why do schools sponsor SOS Children's Villages?

“We wanted the children here to think beyond themselves and to think about the wider community and to understand that not all children are as lucky as they are.”

- Mr Bryant, Head of William Westley School, which sponsors SOS Children's Village Tlokweng in Botswana.

With our emphasis on education, SOS Children is a great charity for schools to support. We have many special ways that schools can get involved:

  • Fundraise at school. Fundraising can be really fun, and it will help vulnerable children around the world to have a happy and healthy childhood. We have collected fundraising ideas for you, and created a fundraising toolkit to download.
  • Your school can sponsor an SOS Children's Village. By creating a relationship with an SOS Children's Village, your school will receive updates and photos directly from the children you are supporting.
  • Our Africa teaching resources. If you're a teacher and would like to use Our Africa in the classroom, have a look at our teaching resources on a range of topics to support your lessons. Our short video demonstrates how a secondary school teacher in Cambridge used Our Africa as a basis for her lesson.