Role of Women

Role of Women

Bravery of Rwandan women

Alain interviews Mathilde Kayitesi, the coordinator of a woman's organisation for peace education and conflict resolution.

It is an honour for Alain to meet such a woman. Mathilde lost her father in the Rwandan genocide and spent 20 years in exile, until 2004, when she became a member of Rwanda's unity and reconciliation commission. Here she worked to rehabilitate some of the 135,000 prisoners believed guilty of the genocide.

Such a job would be too much for most after being so personally affected by the genocide. But this goes to show the spirit and nature of women in Rwanda – brave, courageous and forgiving.

Role of women in Rwanda

After the genocide, a huge burden was placed on women survivors. Many were left widowed and mentally scarred. However Rwandan women faced their situation head on. They picked up the pieces, produced food and helped to re-build their country. Women of Rwanda have taken responsibility and are confident about the future, says Mathilde.

Today, Mathilde explains girls and boys have equal rights to an education and they are treated the same. This is something she is very proud to say, as it was not always this way. It gives Mathilde hope and she smiles as she knows her country is growing and heading in the right direction. The past will stay where it belongs, in the past. In children, Mathilde sees the future of Rwanda.