School life

How does this school compare with your own? Blackboards are a thing of the past in most Western schools, where today interactive white boards and computers are used almost everywhere.

However, Rwanda isn’t too far behind when it comes to technology, especially for the young.

The Rwandan government aims to provide every child between the age of nine and 12 with a low-cost laptop, a green and white XO machine which has a rubber-covered keyboard and flexible hinge allowing for different uses.

Aiming high

Rwanda is aiming high. The president wants to triple the economy by 2020 and for the country to be a technology and services hub. This is an ambitious goal considering that currently just 7% of Rwanda's population have electricity.

Most children have never seen a computer, let alone been given a laptop to take home. And many teachers have little training on how to use the laptops. So there are still many challenges.