A growing country with lots to see

For globetrotters, Rwanda hasn't been at the top of the list for ‘must visit’ destinations.

Rwanda’s bloody past hindered any foreign visitors coming to country. But nearly two decades on from the genocide, Rwanda is ready to show the world what it has to offer.

On visiting Rwanda you could be forgiven for thinking you were holidaying in a tropical Swiss Alps, surrounded by so many mountains, green hills and lakes. It's no wonder Rwanda has been given the name ‘the Land of a Thousand Hills’.

Alain, Sonia and their friends are having a great time taking a boat trip on Lake Kivu, one of the many lakes in Rwanda. It is something they have not done before but they would recommend it to visitors. They disembark at an island in the middle of the lake where there is a colony of fruit bats. Watch what happens when the youngsters find a quiet spot and clap their hands.

Some people may say bats aren’t their favourite animals. But the sight of hundreds of fruit bats winging across the skyline is an amazing spectacle.