Pride in appearance

Walking along the dusty, littered roads in Senegal, women are immaculately dressed in colourful and elegant garments, even when they're carrying out everyday chores.

Taking pride in one's appearance is very important to the Senegalese, which is why you will find even the poorest people try to be well-dressed.

Men and women wear beautifully-designed long flowing robes called boubou. Abdourahmane is particularly proud of his traditional wear and enjoys dressing up and wearing his boubou, although not quite as much as he likes wearing his basketball shirts.

The market is full of stalls selling beautiful fabrics. Nearby are rows and rows of tailors, ready to work at turning the fabric into the most remarkable boubous.

Western influence

Girls today want to dress like Americans, explains Aina.

Watch the video to find out what kinds of clothes girls want to wear, which are often forbidden by their elders.