A man for all people

Being a 'Griot' is a position passed down in a family over the generations.

As the community counsellor and sage, and keeper of all stories, the Griot commands status regardless of his financial position, which is generally low.

In the hierarchy of society, the Griot falls well below the wealthy and professional classes. However, because he holds the history of local families and communities in his keeping, the Griot is well-respected.

His honourable position means people of all ages and from all walks of life in his region will seek his counsel.

Keeper of knowledge and wisdom

Abdourahmane is respectful and in awe as he visits the Griot. The Griot has presence, grace, kindness and a friendly soul.

While interviewing the Griot, Abdourahmane seeks his advice. He asks "what is the value of education?" The Griot replies that "education is a state of mind and your best counsel – value it."

A master drummer

A man of many talents, the Griot is also a master drummer.

During the interview, the Griot starts to play the drums. Suddenly, appearing from doorways and hideaways, children crowd around the Griot and begin to dance.