Beauty treatments

Painting your hands and nails in Senegal doesn’t require a trip to the local salon, but rather a walk to the end of the garden to pick the flowers of the henna plant.

The girls in the video are real beauty experts. They explain how they use henna leaves to make a dye for their skin.


It's very messy work. If you’re not careful, you can have orange stained clothes and henna marks in places you really don’t want them. And it doesn’t come out in a hurry! Henna can last for up to two months before it fades.

Feet and hands are often decorated with patterns. Pieces of sticky plastic are stuck onto the skin to create these.

Girl’s night in

Just look at the girls in the video. They are having a great time. It’s no wonder the girls ‘love’ henna, because it’s a chance for them to be creative and spend time talking to each other.

The plastic bags are used to keep the dye from drying, which means it will be a darker colour when they wash it off in the morning.

Many women and girls wear henna to go to the mosques. One of the girls explains why she wears henna to pray. Have a listen to see why.