Welcome to Senegal

Welcome to Senegal

Rich in Culture

Welcome to Senegal. Senegal is not a rich country in terms of money, but it's rich in culture.

My name is Abdourahmane Drame and I'm 16 years old. I have a sister and a younger brother. I love basketball and want very much to be a basketball player when I grow up. Like most people in Senegal, my favourite dish is Thieboudienne (fish and rice).

Senegal is a beautiful and welcoming country. I hope you enjoy learning about it.

Abdourahmane is the son of a village educator. He is softly spoken but talks with conviction and care. He is a kind boy with dreams for the future.

Abdourahmane is a Muslim, but he is eager to know about other religions. Unlike many other countries, there is very little religious conflict in Senegal. The majority of Senegalese people live in harmony with others.

Discover Senegal

The economy of Senegal revolves around agriculture. Peanuts have long been an important cash-crop and Senegal is one of the top five  producers of peanut oil.

Wrestling is very much part of the Senegalese culture. One match can attract 80,000 people and is watched on TV by millions. Wrestling is considered one of the few routes to financial success for poor people.

Despite the country’s many problems, it is one of the most stable in Africa, with a long-established system of democracy. The art of debate and quick-witted conversation is appreciated.

The country attracts nearly a million foreign arrivals each year, spending over 600 million US dollars.

The government of Senegal spends nearly 12% of its budget on healthcare. Thanks in large part to the government-sponsored education and treatment programme, HIV/AIDS infection rates are low. In 2009, around 59,000 people were living with the disease, which is less than 1% of the population.