Meeting the media

Meeting the media

Tables turned on journalist

The Sunday Times’ foreign correspondent in South Africa is subjected to an interview by our two ‘reporters’, Precious (14) and Basetsana (15), who find out what it’s like to be a journalist.

The correspondent is among journalists outside Nelson Mandela’s home in Johannesburg at a time when he has just returned from hospital treatment. People around the world – but South Africans in particular – are hoping he will be ok.

‘Death and disaster’

The girls find out that much of a foreign correspondent’s world is centred on ‘death and disaster, with a little bit of politics’. He meets ‘heroes and villains’ every week. “It’s like being in a movie,” he says.

Many times the stories are negative, but sometimes they’re positive – like the time he was on a helicopter on its way to people in Mozambique who were rescued before they would have been overcome by floods.

Not keen on celebrity stories

A journalist's work can be “silly” – especially when covering stories about celebrities. “I’m not keen,” he says.

Sometimes it’s dangerous. Watch the video and find out what dangers the reporter has faced.

But overall, he would recommend the job to “anyone with energy and curiosity”.