Working in the community

Working in the community

Doris visits Mama Rosa

Doris works as a community worker for SOS Children. Caring for local people is not only her job, but her passion.

Doris believes every child in her community should have their basic needs met – food, clothes, shelter and an education. She believes everyone in her community should have the opportunity to find a better life.

So when she came across Mama Rosa, depressed and isolated, living in a community bordering SOS Children's Village Mamelodi, northern Johannesburg, Doris needed to do something.

Mama Rosa had become depressed when she'd discovered her HIV-positive status, after which she was ostracised by others.

‘My life is better now’

But now Mama Rosa makes shoes. SOS Children paid for training to help her learn the skill. She gets the material from the SOS Village, makes the shoes, and sells them from her home.

As well as allowing her to earn a living, shoe-making has helped Mama Rosa meet people. But most importantly, she is a valued member of her community.

Mama Rosa knows she may never be rid of the disease, but every day she has a reason to carry on. She has a purpose in life.

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