Life of a girl

Life of a girl

What does it mean to be a girl in Sudan?

In Sudan, there are clearly defined gender roles. It's part of the country's culture and traditions. From a young age, girls and boys are brought up differently.

By tradition, the father is the head of the household. He makes all the decisions.  But it's not just fathers who have responsibilities. Men, regardless of their position and age, are responsible for their mothers, sisters and aunts - which means providing the financial support.

Women take care of children, the sick and elderly, as well as running the household. So they lead busy lives.

The girls in the video are Muslim. According to how Islam is practised in Sudan, girls and women are expected to act and dress in a certain way. Girls must be escorted when they leave the house and should wear a headscarf and modest clothing.

Independence at University

University opens doors for girls and gives them independence. During this time, they have often have more freedom to socialise.