Sudan divided

Sudan divided

Sudan separates

On the 9th July 2011, Sudan (formerly the largest country in Africa) divided into two - Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan. This followed a referendum in the south during January 2011, when nearly 99% of people voted in favour of separation.

There is still much dispute between the two countries. And thousands of  Sudanese have been left wondering if they will see friends again.

Happy and sad

The children in the video feel sad at the thought of not seeing friends from the South anymore. However they know that for a long time people in South Sudan have not felt the same as people in the north.

Venus is a young Sudanese women. She is a volunteer working for SOS Children’s Villages in the UK. Like many Sudanese people, she is happy for the people of the South now the country has its freedom.

She hopes that the Republic of South Sudan will become a great nation and maybe one day, they will again form one country.