Children's stories

Videos in this website have been put together by children living in and around SOS Children’s Villages. They’ve captured their thoughts, opinions and ideas to present a new perspective on Africa through their own eyes. The result is this evolving ‘Our Africa’ educational resource.

SOS Children has been working in Uganda since 1989 and there are currently four Children’s Villages. Find out more about SOS children in Uganda.

Apart from making videos for this resource, each group of young people made their own short film. See what the children came up with.

Team A - Unending Massacre

This is a story about a community coming together and fighting back after a young girl from the village is kidnapped.

Unending Massacre

African Cancer

A farmer is approached by a businessman, who offers money for his farm. After his offer is refused, the businessman forces money onto the farmer and leaves. Later in court, who does the judge believe the land belongs to? Find out if the farmer gets to keep his land...

African Cancer