Having an opinion

Having an opinion is what makes us human and unique. However our opinions are often influenced by our environment, family and friends.

In the video above, Charles talks about religion. He believes there is one God and religion shouldn’t separate people. Charles eloquently says: “We are all singing and praising to one God.”

Sex and AIDS

Sex and AIDS

Felicity has been taught about the dangers of unprotected sex. She believes that abstinence is the only way to prevent young people from contracting HIV/AIDS.

Felicity shows maturity in her words of advice, that people shouldn't go on someone's appearance alone. Just because a person may look healthy and handsome, they still may have HIV/AIDS. So it's important always to be careful.

England riots


John Paul was shocked to see images in the papers of the violence, rioting and looting that rocked England for a week in August 2011.

England is a faraway place for John Paul and a place in his mind where such scenes of anarchy do not happen. However, several London boroughs and districts of cities and towns across England were affected.

John Paul analysed the papers. He believes that the people reacted wrongly to the shooting of one man by the police, the event which sparked the riots.