Source of the Nile

Source of the Nile

More like the 'sauce' of the Nile

Uganda’s ‘source of the Nile’ is perhaps a place for unsuspecting tourists.

The man on the gate asks for a few extra coins just to lift the barrier. You have to pay for the toilet before you go in and the route down to the river is lined with stallholders of all-sorts looking to sell you all-and-sundry.

A well-practised ‘friend’, anxious to point out all the attractions, eventually tries to sell you his trip across to an island in a rickety-looking boat.

Only when you get to the river’s edge are there notices which say the actual source of the Nile is round a bend in the river, out of sight at Lake Victoria (although some would say the true source is even further off - see Geography & Wildlife).

But what the heck. The sign says ‘The source of River Nile’ and you can show that in your photos to people when you get back home.