Welcome to Uganda

Welcome to Uganda

“Third time lucky and we nail it!"

“Welcome to Uganda, from all of us. It took us three attempts to film our introduction, but we got there on the third. We've been having a lot of fun making videos about our beautiful country. See for yourself what we have found to show you about Uganda.

We are all friends living at the SOS Children’s Village in Kakiri, which is about 15 miles away from Uganda’s capital city, Kampala. We are very fortunate to have each other, and our SOS mothers who have cared for us and helped us get a good education.”

Charles, Felicity, John Paul and Damalie worked hard to make films about Uganda. Even when they didn't always get it right first time, it didn't matter, because they were having fun. Take a look at where they went and what they found out.

Discover Uganda

Uganda sits on the equator and daylight is nearly always 12 hours. However, temperatures are not as hot as you’d think. Maximum daily temperatures average between 25°C-32°C across the various regions.

Uganda has very fertile soils, particularly around Lake Victoria. Coffee is the main export, with tobacco and tea the next highest-earning agricultural exports. Cocoa beans, palm oil and sugar cane are also key cash crops for the country’s farmers.

Agriculture still employs around two-fifths of Uganda’s workforce. But while many older Ugandans continue to farm or earn money from growing cash crops such as coffee, young Ugandans often aspire to a more modern way of living.

Most Ugandans still lead a rural lifestyle, with 87% of the population living in the countryside.

Meat or chicken stews are popular in Uganda served with rice, chapatti, ugali (a stiff maize porridge) or matoke (a cooked plantain/banana mash). For a sweet dish, locals enjoy a type of doughnut called mandazi.

Uganda’s recent history includes civil war and two brutal dictatorships.

Over 800,000 visitors come to Uganda each year and collectively spend over 700 million dollars (according to the World Tourism Organisation). The tourist industry is an important source of revenue for the country.

Life expectancy in Uganda is just 52 years (WHO 2009). Malaria is a huge problem throughout the country, with over 9.7 million cases reported in 2009.