Medical Centre

Medical Centre

Healing hands

Kalombe Natasha tells you about the work of the medical centre at SOS Children’s Village, Lusaka.

Kalombe Natasha is a family strengthening programme social worker, with a caseload of 68 desperately-in-need families in the nearby community. She says: "There are so many people living in despair and in deplorable conditions."

A never-ending queue

At the medical centre, there are queues in the corridors – women with sick children, the elderly, the frail, in a country plagued by HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.

Because the corridors get full while patients wait to see a clinician, the village has an open-sided ‘waiting room’ outside where still more wait their turn, sheltered from the searing sun.

Children from the village, and those from the nearby community sponsored through SOS Children family strengthening programmes, receive their medical treatment without charge. Others have to pay a fee.