Our music teacher

Our music teacher

A teacher's passion

Theresa interviews Pethezinle Divilliers Khupe, her music teacher. He talks about the important role music has to play in a child's life.


Compulsory education begins at seven years of age in Zambia and carries on for seven years.

Pethezinle believes music gives children strength and courage for the future.

The Zambian government has invested greatly in schools since independence. Teachers are respected for inspiring and training the next generation.

Many hands, many voices

The junior choir has been practising ‘Many hands, many voices’ – a song about people coming together and working to break down barriers.

Apparently nervous, the choir performs to the rest of the school, encouraged by their teacher. Watch the video to see the modern twist to the end of the song. But you might want to turn the sound down when the audience cheers.