Sunday school

Sunday school

Sunday worship

“A lot of people are religious in Zambia and people attach a lot of importance to religion,” explains Theresa’s Sunday school teacher.

Christianity is Zambia's official religion. There are many free or independent churches, as well as those of mainstream denominations like the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Baptist and Methodist Churches.

In rural areas of Zambia, traditional beliefs are also still practised, often combined with Christianity. Islam and Hindu communities are also present in Zambia.

Difficult beginnings

Many children have had a difficult start in life. Watch the video to see Theresa's Sunday school teacher, Masala Kanda, explain about a common problem faced by children in Zambia. She explains one way in which their belief can help them through this.

Uncle Andrew, the preacher, talks about how he has devoted his life to God.

Everyone is included

Worship songs are a big part of Sunday school.

Singing the songs, one little boy stands out because of his pale face. He suffers from albinism, which means he has less pigment in his skin, hair and eyes than other children.

Sunday school is a place for everybody, where all can come together to worship, sing and pray.