The reunion

The reunion

Bravery in adversity

No one quite knows how long it’s been since Theresa saw her grandmother. At least five years, she thinks, but it may be more.

Though the reunion was hugely emotional, as the chief reporter for Zambia, Theresa stays calm and professional for the camera.

Theresa's grandma

Theresa's grandmother is 52 (in a country where average life expectancy is just 48). Only one of her five children has survived the HIV/AIDS epidemic, which is why she takes care of 10 grandchildren. Life is a struggle and often the family only has one meal a day.

Watch the video and see what a village house in Zambia looks like, inside and out. There's no plumbing or electricity and villagers rely on charcoal-burning stoves. Theresa's grandmother explains how she intends to make a bit of money from gathering wood to turn into charcoal.

Like so many Africans living in poverty, Theresa's grandmother is quick to smile and dance, especially as she celebrates Theresa’s visit.